Apr 3, 2014
The internet is a strange and wonderful place. We don’t pretend to know why certain videos have loads of views on Youtube while others don’t. That said, if your video features an adorable ca... More
Mar 28, 2014
The Penguin Empire’s Corrie Jones got a little D&AD recognition this week when Clemenger BBDO Melbourne’s Video Stamp campaign was nominated in the Innovative Media category at the D&AD awards... More
Mar 5, 2014
A TV is no longer just a TV. With iiNet TV & Fetch, your household big-screen can become a gateway to masses of content that can be enjoyed on your own schedule, on your own terms. This campaig... More
Feb 27, 2014
The marketing masters at Dale Alcock are so good at marketing, they're now marketing their marketing - cutting together a behind the scenes video about the production of their latest Penguin Empir... More
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